Price Graphs

Plot, analyse and download prices for more than 700 agricultural commodities to identify market trends, save time and money, and plan ahead.

Plot your prices

The price graphing tool puts you in charge of all our data back to 1997 for 15 major sections, whether that’s Asian palm oil or Californian raisins.

The tool shows the opening and closing price for your selected data, as well as the highest, lowest and mean average for that data. It also highlights the % change, showing how much the price has gained or lost over your selected period.

There are numerous ways you can change the period using pre-set selections including the past five years, the past year, year-to-date, or just the past 10 days. If you want a specific timeframe, simply fill in the Custom Period box and add your specific dates.

Analyse your commodities

By selecting a data point, the tool shows the date and value for that specific selection.  You can use the drawing tool to add custom trend lines. If you subsequently change the timeframe, the trend lines move with the data. They’ll remain in any images you make of these graphs, allowing them to be added to Powerpoint.

You are also able to create mean averages for certain periods to smooth the volatility by simply changing the frequency of the plotted data. These calculations will remain if you then download the data.

Download your data

You can print or export any data as an image, or save it as a CSV file to be used in Excel.